Atlantic Connection "Human"

In Stores January 19th, 2015

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“This is only four tracks, but judging by these four cuts, you get a great idea of the work he’s putting in. From the pulsating, lyrical bomb “Gepetto” through the bright electronic funk of “Speakeasy,” you get to see that his sound is much more than the drum & bass or trap-y soul he’s provided. There’s soul throughout, but it moves at a number of different tempos. “Cryogenic” moves at a juke-ish pace, all skittering drums and drunken stabs, while “Ina Dem” is a full-on booming cut with junglistic accents. Human feels like the sum of all of Atlantic Connection’s parts, dialed up and mashed together. Truly awe-inspiring work… hell, it could be his most fully-realized project to date.

– Do Androids Dance

Societe Perrier, a rather haute blog focusing on nightlife and culture, had this to say about producer Atlantic Connection: “Those who follow drum ‘n’ bass will know Nathan Hayes. The force behind Atlantic Connection, he’s steadily produced a multitude of soulful, bass-driven gems over the years. Though he’s known for his work in d’n’b, Hayes has continued to explore the boundless possibilities of bass music, integrating his recent output with dubstep into his trademark signature.”

To a large degree, the first sentence rings true. “Those who follow drum ‘n’ bass will know Nathan Hayes.” Dance music can be very compartmentalized at times, and so the well-known producers in lesser-known genres might still not receive general public acclaim. Though it doesn’t really matter in Atlantic Connection’s case, as his music and skill are well-established beyond just simple DnB. As a part of SMOG, he released multiple bass-driven EPs that ranked highly among fans, and has toured with a lot of the crew including Kelly Dean and SMOG leader 12th Planet. His album You & Me was even placed #10 in The Music Essentials‘ list of top albums this year.”