The Limit EP [SMOG Records]

The Limit EP

SMOG Records
Release Date: 7/30/2014
Genre: Dubstep/Trap/Future Soul

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“The first track “Push It To The Limit” is Hospital-style liquid funk meets 140bpm with its R&B vocals and bright warm lead notes floating over the top. On the track “Perfect” we hear elements of hip-hop and jazz mixed in with some glowing pads and 808 snare rolls. “Catalyst” takes us back to the days of ‘Inner City Life’ – strong female vocal with a positive message echoing away over a rolling jungle bass and 808 drums. The final track “Soundkilla” is dubby bass roller with hints of jazz and a classic dubstep beat.” – SMOG Records

1. Push it to the Limit
2. Perfect (She from the Hood)
3. Catalyst
4. Soundkilla