You & Me [an unofficial album]

You & Me (2014)

2014’s been off to a great start, can’t thank you guys enough for all the love & support. I’m extremely excited to share this new project with you all. It’s a 13 track of originals highlighting that future soul sound I love so much. Most of the tracks contain a ton of old soul and funk samples so it wasn’t going to be official, however I didn’t want to shelf the tunes either, so here you go.

I’m currently in the studio working on my next official album though, which should be done by early spring and out this summer (fyi). In the meantime… thanks again for all the love & support & If you’re feeling it please share it with someone you think might enjoy!

Atlantic Connection
You & Me || 2014 

1. Last Thing I Remember
2. Part Of Me
3. Strangest Things
4. Kind of Girl (Just The)
5. Skyways
6. Memories
7. Loyal (There If She Needs Me)
8. Our Love
9. Chardonnay
10. Soulclap
11. Soul Good
12. Tides
13. Valarie